understanding success

Introduction Success is a multifaceted and individualized concept that encompasses issues like joy, health, financial freedom, love, peace of mind, and stability within the family. In order to comprehend success, we need to investigate its many aspects and guiding concepts.What Success IsSuccess is more than just reaching objectives; it entails striking a balance between professional […]

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7 Lessons from David J. Schwartz’s “The Magic of Thinking Big”

  David J. Schwartz’s self-help book  “The Magic of Thinking Big” offers doable tactics and mental adjustments to support people in achieving success and personal fulfilment. These are the book’s seven most important lessons:   1. Develop a positive outlook.   Your thoughts have a big impact on the things you do and how things

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Business Ideas to flourish in Hard times

Hard times have been a constant throughout human history, going by various names such as famines, tribulations, adversity, and recessions. These difficulties can arise from natural disasters, pandemics, wars, or even the unintended consequences of policy actions, leading to issues like job losses, high inflation, and scarce capital. Overcoming hard times demands unique and unconventional

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Make Money with Online Education Services

Because of the specialised courses, tutoring services, and skill development programmes available online, there is an unprecedented demand for education. Here’s how to get into this profitable market: Determine Your Expertise and Target Market Establish your target audience and your area of expertise first. Clearly state the information and abilities you wish to impart.  There

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virtual assistance services

Virtual assistance services are similar to having a personal assistant, the only difference being that they work remotely using digital platforms such as the internet, phone, email, Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp groups, Google Meet, Facebook, and LinkedIn. These services can provide help in administrative work, technical support, expert assistance, data entry, project management, bookkeeping, research, customer

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Social Media: turning leisure to lucrative business

Social media has evolved from a leisure activity to a powerful tool for businesses to enhance brand recognition, expand their reach, and forge connections with potential clients. However, merely being present on social media and engaging in casual conversations isn’t enough to turn this platform into a lucrative venture. Here are some tips to boost

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