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About this blog

This blog is about success and happiness-two words often misunderstood.  Many people go through life looking for fulfilment without knowing the true meaning of success. The legendary Earl I wrote that only 5% of people achieve success. Does that mean success is so difficult or impossible to achieve? No, far from it. This blog brings readers helpful nuggets , success strategies based on timeless principles and laws that will inspire to succeed.  Success and happiness are intertwined and often are used as a measure of a fulfilled life. On this platform, we shall talk about nearly everything: career, relationships, spirituality, health and well-being. We welcome readers to send comments and contributions.

Meet the Author

Stalin Edegba Ewoigbokhan(Dr. SEE) is a Public Health professional with Masters and  Doctoral degrees in Public Health, as well as an NLP practitioner certificate.  He spent over three decades in the field of public health holding positions in national government as well as international organizations. In retirement,  he is a free-lance public health consultant, a farmer and a church worker.